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Kale Smoothie


March 11, 2015 by Andy Lester

Adding a kale smoothie to McDonalds menu is just the beginning of Fifty Shades of Green …

I never thought I’d see the day when the goop that comes out of a blender or Nutri Ninja is offered up as “fast food” from McDonalds. But it happened! This is real! Today, Fox news reported that the mega-corporation is up for the challenge. Would I ever order one? I probably will and I’ll sip it as soon as they put it down on the counter and say “Excuse me, usually I gag a little, can you make it more chunky? This is a risk because it’s hard enough to tell if someone spits in your regular food, so how are you going to know if there’s something in there that shouldn’t be? And, yes I am up for the challenge of “throwing some shade” on the menu – and I’ve been making fun of what people eat for years! Of course the managers will really use “only fresh ingredients” – and the maintenance staff will show up and say “Hey, where did all those yard clippings go to?” But to be fair I predict marketers will probably be wildly successful with the demographic of consumers – that eat through a tube. And the ones that forgoe the straw, (which I don’t recommend) might take a big gulp and their friend will say “Dude, you have a smoothie mustache…or it might be snot, not sure – hey, pass the fries”). And with all the veggie bashing I’ve been doing for years, I have to admit that as I’ve been less than kind to “green piece” movement and all those involved I have a confession: The vegetable in the photo is not kale but in fact swiss chard. The reason? Because we’ve recently started having these things at my house because of the wonders of the Nutri-bullet – and I’m supposed to “eat healthy” now. Nice shot, Karma.



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