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Push Button, Remove Bacon


August 3, 2013 by Andy Lester

Every time I dry my hands under restroom air dryers I recall the timeless graffiti carved into them, “Push Button for message from the President”, or simply “Push Button” has been shortened to Push Butt”. More recently the universal symbol for heat has been added – three red wavy lines directed toward a hand symbol. This shows you exactly what to do – rub hands until warm and dry. My new favorite is where someone wrote on the panel next to the red wavy lines “Push Button Remove Bacon”. This is awesome! I love bacon! The aroma, the sound of it cooking, the taste… I’ve since been telling everyone about this hilarious dryer defacing every chance I get, actively encouraging them to expand this bathroom bacon business. But now I find myself thinking of bacon in every public restroom I enter. Sometimes I think I actually smell bacon. It never is. I’m conditioned now so when I see those red wavy lines I can’t help but take in a big whiff. And It’s never bacon. I see now that I have become fixated – and it’s because I’ve ruthlessly pushed for a radical bacon brigade and encouraged this meaty graffiti. I advocated vandalism and now it has come back to bite me. Yes, Karma, you got me with a Pavlov Prank that sadly has ruined bacon for me.

Nice shot, Karma.


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